Monday Comics Predictions for 2/18

This week is going to be a great one for collectors who love Harley Quinn and Phil Noto, directly translating to it’s going to be a busy week for me! Come see my picks for this week’s releases! Continue reading Monday Comics Predictions for 2/18


Monday Comics Predictions for 2/4

I think we can classify this one as a big week. Huge. Image is beating down my door for all my money and Marvel is crashing through the skylight to beat it to the punch. Lots of hit titles, big creators, and award winners are landing this week. Come check out what I am looking at this week for Comic Book Wednesday! Continue reading Monday Comics Predictions for 2/4

The Elephant of Surprise Known As Casanova: Acedia

ca1There’s a neat joke about elephants and libraries. If nothing else that’s why you should read this book today. Oh, and did I mention this is also another awesome product of Milkfed Criminal Masterminds’ Matt Fraction? If that doesn’t get you to snatch up this book, read on! Continue reading The Elephant of Surprise Known As Casanova: Acedia

Monday Comics Predictions for 1/28

Every Wednesday comics readers have a grim choice: which to buy and which to leave behind. Every Monday I take a look at what’s coming out to best make arrangements with my beloved shop for last minute reservations. Come check out my predictions for what’s awesome this Wednesday! Continue reading Monday Comics Predictions for 1/28

Pun-Geons and a Sea of Jack in W+D #7

wd7Laura’s quest to make sense of what’s happened leads her into one of the most graphically riveting sequences artist Jaime McKelvie has given us in Kieron Gillen’s The Wicked and The Divine. Find out why I think this book is as emotionally stirring at Sex Criminals and as visually appealing as Saga! Continue reading Pun-Geons and a Sea of Jack in W+D #7

My Top Picks from Image Expo 2015!

Image Expo Logo

Image has been a driving force in the comics industry, pulling in talent from all over to create landmark work, and Image Expo announced the latest titles rolling out in 2015. After the mind-blowing announcements, I sat down to figure out which of the many new books will be making my pull list and why they should be on yours! Continue reading My Top Picks from Image Expo 2015!

Invincible: The Road So Far

Invincible: The Death of... InvincibleSome people might be surprised to learn Robert Kirkman released 2 books in 2003. One has eaten the planet’s media in proper zombie fashion and the other, is Invincible. Hold on though, wouldn’t that mean Invincible is also due for its own 100th issue soon? In Janurary 2013, baring no delays or other zombie related disasters, Invincible #100 hits stands! Come find out about the story thus far and how this is the Robert Kirkman book you might’ve been missing out on all along!

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Continue reading Invincible: The Road So Far