Alexander Añé
Alexander Añé

Welcome to THE TRAVELING AÑÉ! I am Alexander Añé and, as you may have noticed, I love traveling and going to comic book conventions. Not only do I get to meet the creators behind my favorite books but I get to sample wonderful locations all around.

After attending my first few conventions I realized there was a certain atmosphere and experience that only people really at the conventions got to see and knowing this I felt that I had to share these things with my friends and family. The more I traveled the stronger this desire became and I published my first video,  Amanda Conner’s Silk Spectre. The response was enormous, more than I ever could have anticipated, and that’s when I decided I wanted to make this site.

So stay tuned and enjoy!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, tune in to my YouTube Channel, or even email me with a story of your own Con adventure!


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