Fraction and DeConnick to Adapt Sex Criminals to TV

It’s certainly an exciting time for comics, with movies and television shows appearing left and right being produced by big label production studios. Now Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick will be adding to the mix, having just signed a deal with Universal TV to have their independent works produced with the first project being Fraction’s Sex Criminals. Check out the story below for more details!

Deadline reports,

As their MCM is expanding into television, Fraction and DeConnick have hired Lauren Sankovitch as Managing Editor. One of the first projects the company is developing under the Uni TV deal is an adaptation of the Eisner Award- and Harvey Award-winning comic Sex Criminals, created by Fraction with partner Chip Zdarsky. Image Comics’ Sex Criminals, named the best comic of the year in 2013 by Time magazine, centers on a female librarian and male actor who discover they can freeze time when they orgasm.

This presents an exciting prospect for us viewers, with the potential to see other MCM (Milkfeed Criminal Masterminds, Fraction and DeConnick’s own enterprise) works such as Bitch Planet or Pretty Deadly to have their own television projects. All I can remark is I know for certain The Walking Dead had better make room for House DeFraction.


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