Monday Comics Predictions for 2/25

It’s going to be a fun week for comics, seeing the release of Spider-Gwen and the return of Rhianna Pratchett’s Tomb Raider. Come check out my top picks for the week and why I think they’ll be amazing!

Tomb Raider

I am a big fan of the latest game, truly a revision the old guard franchise. Now Pratchett returns to give us another arc of her Laura Croft and it’s thrilling. I missed out on the first arc, but I plan to jump on here and enjoy the ride.


Synder continues End Game, continuing to evolve a weaving narrative depicting Joker’s latest assault on Gotham City and Batman. Rumored to be Greg Capullo’s last stand with the book seem farfetched, but that’s more or less how the business works. In any case, knowing Synder and Capullo, this arc will be a hard target come Wednesday.


Buy this issue is nothing else for the hilarious Amanda Conner variant, Harley Quinn tying a team of cheetahs to a chariot hoping to race Flash. It’s great seeing Conner on more covers but don’t let that stop you from reading the book!

Gotham Academy

The team that brought us the awesome restart/relaunch of Batgirl continues to win praise left and right for Gotham Academy. As usual I am late to the party picking up this runaway success but I’ll be catching up before Wednesday.


Matt Fraction’s awesome prose with Christian Ward’s lush art? Yes and Yes. As trippy as Dune and as empowering as Bitch Planet, this book is a tribute to the ancient text and a welcome addition to my pull folder.

Wicked + The Divine

Gillen and McKelvie return this week to give us another mind bomb in their latest arc, introducing Dionysius. Quality work, month after month, by Gillen and McKelvie make this book hard to ignore on the shelves. Even the covers, iconic and minimalist, are most pleasing the eye.

Amazing Spider-Man

I have to hand it to Dan Slott. I hate hate hate mega huge crossovers, being that they are gigantic money pits and often finish in a most unsatisfying manor. Not so with Spider-Verse as we get the epilogue for the story in this week ASM. Maybe it’ll jump the shark, but maybe it won’t. Next time I see Mr. Slott I’ll be sure to thank him heartily for giving me Spider stories I can sink my teeth into.


It is confirmed however that this arc of DD will be the closing chapter in Mark Waid’s critically acclaimed run of the title. Safe to say that this book is an excellent lead up to the Netflix series due to come out in April. Not only that, but this will be considered one of the most iconic runs of the character ever made.

Darth Vader

I loved the book last month, I can’t wait to see what it will give me this time. First issue buzz is powerful but now we’re at hazard to see where this book will end up. If it follows the trend of the flagship book by Jason Aaron, we should see another great installment of Marvel’s take on Star Wars canon.


The surprise/not-surprising hit to emerge from Dan Slott’s Spider-Verse. Currently the first appearance of this character is printing its own money on eBay and anticipation for the first issue is over the top. Later this week I’ll be letting you know about a rad event going down in Charlotte to celebrate the release.


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