She-Hulk 12 Cover

Nothing Is One Thing In She-Hulk #12

Today is a sad day for our favorite green lawyer, issue 12 is the last of Charles Soule, Javier Pulido, and Kevin Wada’s beloved run of She-Hulk. Read on to see how this issue closes the series and why this book is my favorite this week!

It’s sad seeing a book like this go, with such a daring narrative about a super hero that stuck to the principle of never being just one thing. Suffice to say, it’s work like this that represents how our protagonists should work and what they should aspire to become within their stories. Charles Soule personified that belief writing Jennifer as a super hero, a lawyer, and a woman. Today’s issue is the quintessential example of that idea, “Final Verdict.”

Pulido’s art retained that characteristic warmth and charm that emanated from the first issue right up through the last page of this one; always accentuating Jennifer on the page as a vivid green force of strength both in the courts and battlefield. With a style all his own, Pulido’s art reaches something classical and refreshes readers who’ve been jaded by hyper realism in comics. I’d also be remise forgetting to mention the covers of Kevin Wada, magnificent tributes to the work and perfect representations of the awesome contained within.

Lastly I loved the message in this book and how it dovetails into the overarching message of, “no one is one thing.” During the big reveal, the second half of that philosophy comes into play and provides better context for the whole. Though nothing is just one thing, there are no short cuts in doing so and often enough demands a lot of work and sacrifice. Of course I refer to personal sacrifice, through time and effort, not the sacrifice of an entire community through a strange reality altering spell that somehow manages to ensnare an angry She-Hulk.

All this being said, lets raise a glass for our beloved She-Hulk and the creators that have given her new life. In the words of Chip Zdarsky:


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