She-Hulk 12 Cover

Monday Comics Predictions for 2/18

This week is going to be a great one for collectors who love Harley Quinn and Phil Noto, directly translating to it’s going to be a busy week for me! Come see my picks for this week’s releases!


I already mentioned that DC was going to be getting a wave of Harley variant covers, and especially sweet at cover prices, but the prize among them this week has to be Cliff Chiang’s contribution. Not only do we get another fabulous installment of Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher, and Babs Tarr’s work on one of DC’s most popular titles, we get added art by the illustrious Cliff Chiang. Sounds like a smoke’n hot deal for $2.99 to me.

Bitch Planet

This week we get the 3rd issue of Kelly Sue’s DeConnick’s brand new title, already destined to clean shop at this year’s Eisner Awards. Not only does this book bring clean, dynamic, edgy art thanks to the most talented Valentine De Landro, but DeConnick brings her best game to write compelling characters to match. This week we’re treated to a flash back issue featuring the talents of Robert Wilson IV and the amazing backstory of Penny Rolle!

Black Widow

Phil Noto has his variant covers strewn around the Marvel releases this week, but when it comes to sampling his art I must go straight to the tap with Black Widow. I’ve mentioned before how Noto is a juggernaut putting out gorgeous, timely, and consistent art, and I believe this month is a testament to that notion as he delivers dozens of quality jaw-dropping amazing covers for our consumption. I can’t wait to see what he and writer Nathan Edmondson give us this week as BW takes on Chaos!


The final issue of perhaps the most beautiful run of She Hulk ever written. Not only did we get the strong, jade female protagonist we’d all loved but we also got the fiercely talented prowess of Jennifer Walters, Esq. It’s truly a sad, and awful, thing to see this book go but for the short time it was with us we got the best of Charles Soule, Javier Pulido, and cover artist Kevin Wada. This book is going to be the cult classic for years to come as we yearn for more female presence in our reading.

Anything I left out or something you’re looking forward to? Sounds off in the comments!


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