Gyros for Everyone in Ms. Marvel #11!

This week we continue the celebration of the 1 year milestone of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel talking about issue 11. G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona deliver another stunning issue, continuing to establish a new hero for a new genre of reader. Come find out how!

This week’s issue of Ms. M brought, “Generation Why,” to a close and gave perhaps one of the best coming of age stories for superheroes since Spider-Man. Faced down with a near insurmountable threat, Kamala Khan is forced to reconcile her limitations and in doing so grows to understand more about herself and those around her. Watching her thought process mature with her beliefs and goals was a beautiful experience and I found that it wrapped the arc up quite nicely.

I am floored by G. Willow Wilson, as if by an embiggened fist sailing from out of nowhere. Such beautiful characters and realistic thought processes weave a grounded and thought provoking narrative, and all I can do is helplessly wait for more each month. Part of the beauty is due to Adrian Alphona and Ian Herring, lending a style and color scheme that dovetail perfectly to Wilson’s design.

This all being said I am not curious about where the character will go next? The next issue dubbed, “Kamala get Loki in love!”


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