Monday Comics Predictions for 2/4

I think we can classify this one as a big week. Huge. Image is beating down my door for all my money and Marvel is crashing through the skylight to beat it to the punch. Lots of hit titles, big creators, and award winners are landing this week. Come check out what I am looking at this week for Comic Book Wednesday!

American Vampire: Second Cycle

Scott Snyder’s horror vampire title hits stands this week, Second Cycle takes his already imaginative AV saga to new heights. If you love vampires, and I mean the ones with big honking fangs and talons, in space or even just interesting references to historical events in the space age, this book will be for you.

East of West

Jonathan Hickman continues to provide a truly striking amalgam of mysticism, science fiction, political drama, action, and dystopia. Much like the next title on my list this one has never failed to produce impact and a wonton desire for the next issue.


I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to say to express how awesome it is to have this book returning after it’s month hiatus. I’ve been worried for a long time that this book was going to stall out for months as other BKV books have, but this one remains so consistent it’s scary. In both quality and timeliness this book ends up being a gem in the comics market.


Grant Morrison’s new book hits shelve this week, if I am not mistaken this book will be his first independent horror venture, and that’d be enough to get my attention. CBR has a preview, and if nothing else it does seem to fit the bill per Morrison’s preview works.

Star Wars

Jason Aaron is taking shape to be one of Marvel’s star writers this year, and Star Wars is the proof that Marvel knows what it’s doing. The first issue was received very well, and this issue is expected to match that reception. The Force is strong with this one!

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Ryan North’s Squirrel Girl returns this week to give us a demonstration to just how hard it will be to not read this book. Erica Henderson is an excellent match to render the book’s intelligence and imagination. Come check out how unbeatable this title really is.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan celebrates one year of her run as Ms. Marvel and the comics community is rejoicing. This book, like Squirrel Girl, represents a growing part of the comics industry made for a readership that’s interested in reading complex female protagonists.


Matt Fraction’s closing chapters in a memorable run of a cult-classic character. Already slated to be rebooted with Jeff Lemire, I think we’re really going to miss the atmosphere Fraction and company gave us. Go Team Hawkguy!

Anything I missed or something that you’re looking forward to? Sound off in the comments!


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