Who Would I Interview This Week? Chip Zdarsky

Chip ZdarksyEach week there’s a book or an issue that strikes me as important, exciting, or just mind-blowing in some fashion, and this week I want to interview Chip Zdarsky! Come find out why!

So unlike other “Who Would I Interview This Week,” articles, this one might be slightly NSFW. Just putting that out there… because this is Chip we’re talking about. I mean, do you know the guy? You’ve been warned…

So where did I hear about Chip Zdarsky?

Through Matt Fraction via Sex Criminals. It was a curious thing, because the art was warm and friendly considering what he was drawing. Deal clinchers were how energetic and fun he and Fraction were over social media. They liked to embrace their fan base, sometimes inappropriately.

If I would compare Zdarsky’s style to another’s, whose would be similar?

I would say he’s pretty close to Georges Jeanty with bits of Terry Moore. What hooks me into Chip’s style is the amount of detail he packs in per panel, you’re never walking away empty handed when you take a magnifying glass over any page he draws. That’s something that will always have me up staring at his work for a good 30 to 40 minutes catching all the little side jokes per issue of SC. Whole internet memes are made of what’s come out of those panels on top of the incredible award winning work he and Fraction put out each month.

What’s my favorite Zdarsky work?

Currently, so far that I know, he’s only got Sex Criminals. BUT this won’t be the case for too much longer, soon his new indie book Kaptara will be coming out, dubbed “gay Saga,” by Chip himself, as well as the much anticipated Howard the Duck with Joe Quinones. Chip and Quinones have already previewed some clip work and I am very happy with what I am seeing. Both are Chip’s first writing credits, so this will be such a big year for him.

If I could ask Zdarsky one thing, what would it be?

I would like to ask about his relationship with Steve Murray, his alter-ego. Which is a bit of a joke considering his actual name is Steve Murray but now his pen name is so lucrative he might as well have it changed. Where did Chip Zdarsky come from? Was it some sort of strange porn-name-game combination of street address and beloved pet?

So why do I want to talk to Chip Zdarsky this week?

Well… Twitter. Randomly we got this:

And this:

And then this:

I was planning to hold off talking about Chip till I got around to a few other people, but this kind of called me out. Plus that work he did with SC this week was awesome. I loved all the jokes. The Zdarsky-ified bookstore and the therapy room plus the new brand of chicken gave me all sorts of Oooh and Ahhh moments as I read the book. Sometimes I had to reread the book because I got too into looking at the art.

Think it’s likely I’ll ever get to talk to Zdarsky?

Maybe? I got to ask him a few questions over AMA and as fun as that was I’d love to throw some real QA at him. He seems pretty open via Twitter so perhaps something can be arranged. At conventions abandon all hope, he’s buried under a mile of awesome fans and thankful patrons. It would take an act of god to find the time. In total, I remain hopeful that someday I’ll get my shot.

On a closing note, in an interesting bit of self promotion, Chip sort of hijacked an interview to present us with the cover for the second issue of Kaptara:


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