Celebrate 1 Year of Ms. Marvel with #KamalaCon !

KCLogoTo commemorate the Ms. Marvel Year 1, user Kamala-Con has set up a fun week of activities to show our thanks to the creative team and the character. Check out the post below to read the events and I hope to see many more years of Ms. Marvel!

tumblr_niuzwrwz5d1u9vzu3o1_r1_500The first week of February 2015 will mark the one year anniversary of Ms. Marvel #1’s release. To celebrate, we will be holding #KamalaCon, a week long event (February 1st to February 7th) dedicated to our favorite polymorphing, butt-kicking, fanfiction-writing superhero, Kamala Khan!

Here are some guidelines for the week:

Sunday Feb. 1st: Kamala Con Begins! Post why Kamala Khan is important to you!
Monday Feb. 2nd: Post your original Kamala Khan art and crafts!
Tuesday Feb. 3rd: Post your own Kamala Khan fanfiction as well as your favorite Kamala stories!
Wednesday Feb 4th: Dress up as Kamala Khan! Whether it’s your full Ms. Marvel costume or a closet cosplay, dress up and post those selfies!
Thursday Feb. 5th: Anniversary Day! Take a selfie with your Ms. Marvel issues!
Friday Feb. 6th: Gift exchange deadline! Send your gifts out! More details on this can be found here!
Saturday Feb. 7th: Wrap up and fykamalakhan giveaway! More details on the giveaway soon!Over the course of the week, be sure to post comic panels, graphics, and anything else Kamala related! While we have days scheduled for different aspects of the event, feel free to post even if you miss the day!

Throughout the week, be sure to tag your event-related posts as #KamalaCon so we’re able to see it and you’re able to track it! Follow kamala-con for all updates!

Get excited Kamala Korps – Kamala Con begins this weekend!

If anybody is participating in the gift exchange, be sure to post pictures!


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