Monday Comics Predictions for 1/28

Every Wednesday comics readers have a grim choice: which to buy and which to leave behind. Every Monday I take a look at what’s coming out to best make arrangements with my beloved shop for last minute reservations. Come check out my predictions for what’s awesome this Wednesday!

It’s not a busy week, not like weeks previous with a huge release of a multi-variant book, but we see some beloved titles return and for this there was much rejoicing.

Predator: Fire and Stone

Dark Horse provides us with another installment of their Prometheus series, scheduled to be wrapped up by Kelly Sue DeConnick. I’ve been enjoying this series, and part of me will be a little sad to see it conclude. Of course the rest of me is eager to read Kelly Sue’s work and enjoy the ending of this huge project. This might not be a jumping on point, but it’s a good indicator for the closer!


A staple DC book continues to etch out Scott Snyder’s design for the lead characters and the Joker. The arc End Game is one of Snyder’s best for this run, and it’s worth seeing how it turns up even if you haven’t been following each issue. If nothing else, tune in for some of Greg Capullo’s best work; a real testament to old school styles still making chart topping material.

Harley Quinn

This book is valued in pounds per square awesome in my book, especially among DC’s selection. Every month I am looking forward to one of my favorite creator pairs, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, giving me a nice big laugh with a character they’ve truly made their own. This week the special buy will be the Bruce Timm variant cover in tribute to the Flash’s 75th anniversary and his famous, “Mad Love,” cover.


Maybe we’ll learn her identity? Maybe we won’t. I’ll put money on the latter, but it’s still a fun mystery and a shake up for the mythos. Any lasting change? Well, consider Superior Spider-Man, but it’s still a great premise and Jason Aaron is on fire this year with his launch of Star War and other corner stone Marvel titles.

Sex Criminals

Fraction and Zdarsky return to give us more… well, you know. This book is an amazing bag of surprises each month and I’ve never regretted purchasing it. I don’t think I ever will. It’s by all accounts strange in nature and, again, very surprising in depth of content. There’s a reason this book was all sorts of awards bait at the end of 2014 and I suspect that trend will continue into 2015.

Bitch Planet

Speaking of awards bait, Kelly Sue DeConnick give us another installment of her enormously popular Bitch Planet. I like to think of this book as the great feminist work of the century, and I can’t say that I’ve heard anything that honestly disagrees with that assertion. The first issue alone was powerful enough to establish this, and so we’re eager to see this reputation thrive.

Adventure Time

If you watch the show and read the comic you’ll know that you won’t see what’s coming in these books till you open them up. That’s the best part about Adventure time, it keeps you on your toes. As added incentive, the writer that brought us that spectacular issue of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has been the steady pen for the series.


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