Who Would I Interview This Week? Phil Noto!

Phil Noto LogoEach week there’s a book or an issue that strikes me as important, exciting, or just mind-blowing in some fashion, and this week I want to interview Phil Noto! Come find out why!

So where did I hear about Phil Noto?

Honestly I didn’t know his name the first time I saw his work, when I saw the art I was impressed by how clean and minimalist the style was. Later when I found the name attached to Jimmy Palmiotti’s Creator Owned Heroes, I noted how consistent the work was, usually I’d see a cover and be very impressed only to see the interiors and watch as the quality dips slightly. For some of Noto’s work I see pages or splash spreads even better than the work.

If I would compare Noto’s style to another’s, whose would be similar?

Of the ones I follow, I’d say Fiona Staples. She’s got that same clean atmosphere going on with all her line work and everything seems so pure even when it’s a gory or messy scene.

What’s my favorite Noto work?

Without a doubt Black Widow, I think it’s the most long running book Noto’s been on and it’s certainly the book with the most issues that I’ve been able to collect. How he draws BW is gorgeous, and that he does pencils, inks, to coloring on a monthly basis is even more impressive. Did I mention he’s really consistent? Because I got a convention sketch of BW and held it up to a panel for comparison and it was spot on. Either he can draw BW blind or he’s a machine.

If I could ask Noto one thing, what would it be?

I’d like to know how he developed his style, and for that matter work discipline. The fact that he’s able to turn around a monthly book with no breaks or delays is titanic. I don’t see him very active on Twitter or other social media, so I’d figure he’s got his nose to the grindstone often or social media isn’t his thing. Either way, it’s a unique thing considering how much work he puts into Black Widow and the other variant covers he contributes.

So why do I want to talk to Phil Noto this week?

I picked up BW #14 and I couldn’t get over how he’s still being as amazing as he was in issue 1 over a year later. It’s a testament to the prowess he exerts in his work, and that consistency. I think it’s because I rate consistency so highly in artists that I really gravitate to artists of Noto’s caliber. It also really helps that he and Nathan Edmondson are killing it, quite literally, with Black Widow. Each issue Edmondson provides perfect pitch narrative to Noto’s art, creating a riveting piece each month.

Think it’s likely I’ll ever get to talk to Noto?

Maybe? He’s a Heroes Con veteran so most likely I’d catch him there. If I do get the chance, I’d bring some coffee to distract him long enough from his commission list to ask a few quick questions. Coffee is great incentive for meeting artists at conventions.


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