Pun-Geons and a Sea of Jack in W+D #7

wd7Laura’s quest to make sense of what’s happened leads her into one of the most graphically riveting sequences artist Jaime McKelvie has given us in Kieron Gillen’s The Wicked and The Divine. Find out why I think this book is as emotionally stirring at Sex Criminals and as visually appealing as Saga!

This issue itself felt like it was a two-parter neatly stacked into itself to provide an excellent mystery and catharsis. The first part helps solve or give a hint as to why the events in the first chapter of the series took place. It’s hard not to spoil it, but the conflict revolves around, “why would anyone kill a god?” As promised, Gillen weaves in lots of interesting philosophy about the nature of divine powers and their relationship with humanity. To help illustrate this we’re introduced to Woden and he gives us the quote for the issue, “I’m a god, not a saint.” Not to mention provides a new quote to put on W+D merch, “Bifröst Time.” I have to say, of the Pantheon so far, I recognize his character as the most human because the root of his character seems consumed with envy. This is particularly interesting as we learn about the implications of the Prometheus Gambit.

The second part provides an excellent counterpart to the first and McKelvie provides some excellent layout work. For me this experience was heightened because I view the book with guided reading a la Comixology. Looking at the same layout on the physical page provides a similar but not as dizzying sense of going deeper down a rabbit hole. This leads up to the most compelling scene for me, and I can’t properly explain why it’s so enthralling. Baphomet asks Laura a question, and we see her face blocked out by a wall of text as if to say her expression can’t process the fountain of emotions that’ve come over her regarding the question. It’s brilliant because it’s the trick of letting us readers envision that look of anguish for ourselves through our own experiences.

We finish the issue as a small detail throughout the issue reveals itself to prepare us to meet the newest god, the dancefloor that walks like a man: Dionysus. With very little spam.


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