New Story, Same Old Tales with Star Wars #1

sw1Now that Marvel/Disney has taken the reigns, we now have Star Wars written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by John Cassaday to help us stave off waiting for the new movie to appear this summer. This is also to solidify a foothold for a new line of Star Wars titles to follow in the wake of the flagship issue. So how does this title measure up to the old guard Dark Horse titles? Glad you asked, come find out!

Some Background/Disclaimer:
I’ll play it straight, I am a huge fan of the DH Star Wars books, that stuff was a life saver before the prequels hit and especially afterward. Not all the titles or stories were perfect but they were essential for bridging the gaps in the mythology and cleansing our pallets of bad movies. Fast forward to current day and one mega-media merger later and we have the new Marvel Star Wars titles. Admittedly, not so new being that there was a period when Marvel did own rights to create SW books but then they had their own Dark Times and the rights found their way to Dark Horse. Things got better, I think we can agree.

Now to our regularly scheduled programming:
How’s this book line up with our old DH books? The answer is surprising: quite favorably. The story and bold imagery brought out by Aaron and Cassaday synthesize those classic Star Wars feels, and honestly I can always do with more of those being that there’s nearly no other way to generate fresh new ones. Everything feels revitalized again about the classic trilogy and I am finding myself looking forward to the next issue.

So where does the other womp rat drop? The story takes places between Episode 4 and 5, so we’ve got a firm idea where everything is headed. Admittedly there’s no solid way to judge how much time was between 4 and 5, but we know there’s not much and 5 did a decent job bringing us up to speed on the gap. So this begs the question how much can they truly give us per this situation?

After reading this book I am very encouraged by the future wave of SW titles, and the health of main Star Wars book, but there will always be a place in my heart for those awesome DH books. May the Force be with you, now go read this book!


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