Batgirl versus The Social Media in Batgirl #38

bg38Barbara Gordon’s new lease on life as a new and improved Batgirl is coming to an interesting conclusion in, “Likeable.” What will she learn about her life beyond the selfie and can she become the hero and woman she wants to be? Read on!

This issue is sort of the 4th part of an arc I want to think of as the, “Life of the Selfie,” and what happens in a world filled with them. The creative team, writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher with artist Babs Tarr, brings this conflict to a peak in this issue as all the sides of Barbara Gordon’s life come against each other as she endeavors to become a , “Likeable,” and effective super hero. This sort of idea isn’t foreign in super hero stories, many characters are forced to act against their personal wants to enact a greater good but what makes this issue important is the inclusion of the ever-changing attitudes within social media. For communities like Twitter or Facebook, today’s hot topic is tomorrow’s cold pizza and for even ordinary people it’s tough to manage that sort of perception. For Batgirl it’s impossible. For her to do her job, fight crime and protect citizens, there’s no way she can be fettered by public opinion.

Tarr’s work is amazing as usual detailing a fluid action scenes and a wide range of intense emotion. There are a few clutch pages in this issue that stand out of quintessential to her style and how her art has brought new flavor to Batgirl. Stewart and Fletcher write the story into something true and original, providing classic Batgirl attitude and modern outlook to the title.

So why should you get this issue? I think there’s a very interesting talk about being liked versus being vital. Batgirl would love to think that they are the same, and this issue forces her to look at the truth of the matter. I feel this issue is something special because it’s the great reveal being built up over the last couple of issues: what becomes of a hero being turned by public opinion, her own romantic interests, and her own interpersonal relationships?


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