You Can’t Beat Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1!

Squirrel Girl 1You’re probably scratching your head trying to remember who Squirrel Girl is, and moreover questioning my sanity as to why I think this book might be the best to come out last week by Marvel. Want me to go out and say it? Yes, I think she even beat Ant-Man. Much love to that book and its creators, but if SG were to come out this week she’d have a good shot at choking out Darth Vadar. Glad you asked, I’ll tell you why. Written by Ryan North, the mind that brought you Adventure Time, and illustrated by Bravest Warriors’ artist Erica Henderson the first issue opens with a relatively generic explainer about SG wrapped in a lighthearted package that I typically don’t get to experience much outside of Ms. Marvel. That packaging I mentioned, it’s code-wording for Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villians™*. Also, that generic explainer is double talk for her singing about her power-set to the melody of the classic Spider-Man theme song. Speaking of double talk, if you look closely at the bottom of each page, North chimes in to deliver even more humor to each scene. Henderson’s art is perfect amounts of cute and attitude as we explore SG’s first day at college.

So why would you want this book? Sure, on the outside it’s all slap-stick and giggly moments but if you look for longer than 5 seconds you’ll begin to notice there’s an interesting narrative at work with how Squirrel Girl separates herself from the rest of the hero community, Marvel or otherwise. She dares to ask the question, “Dude, why are we even fighting in the first place?” Right after she answered this question, she did something even more impressive: she thought from villain’s point of view and helped him correct how he viewed the situation. No one died, no huge crossover, no dramatic revenge scenes. The end. Truly unbeatable.

*North comments that the information on the cards are NOT canon. Though I will say that this will be the best swag Marvel can make for SDCC 2015.

UPDATE: Some fun additional things to look at: Ryan North noticed the review! Had this to say:

Comics Alliance, the wonderful people they are, feature the awesome Kate Leth’s Kate or Die strip talking about Squirrel Girl. Kate or Die by Kate Leth


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