My Top Picks from Image Expo 2015!

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Image has been a driving force in the comics industry, pulling in talent from all over to create landmark work, and Image Expo announced the latest titles rolling out in 2015. After the mind-blowing announcements, I sat down to figure out which of the many new books will be making my pull list and why they should be on yours!

These are my picks, and yours too hopefully, in no particular order:

Image Comics is proud to announce that they are continuing to publish comics in 2015! One of them will be KAPTARA, a new ongoing series from very interesting person Chip Zdarsky (SEX CRIMINALS, Howard the Duck, much unpublished poetry) and award-winning illustrator Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung-fu)!

KAPTARA follows Keith Kanga, a young bio-engineer flung across the universe onto a strange planet filled with weird danger. And if he doesn’t get home then Earth—the place where YOU live—is DOOMED!

Why should you buy this book? One word: ZdarsCon. Not only has Chip Zdarsky, formerly known as Steve Murray, become one of the leading new personalities in the industry, his work with Matt Fraction in Sex Criminals has garnered much acclaim among his peers and readership. We can continue to expect even more work from Zdarsky with his other upcoming book Howard The Duck with Joe Quinones.

Paper Girls
New York Times bestselling and multiple Eisner Award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA, Runaways) reunites with artist Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) for an all-new ongoing series—PAPER GIRLS.

PAPER GIRLS is the story of four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls who experience something extraordinary one day…

Why pre-order this as soon as humanly possibly? Let me share some things about the artist Cliff Chiang and his colorist-in-crime pal Matt Wilson, not only are these guys the nicest artists to meet in real life their work together on anyway level is breathe taking. Arguably Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman couldn’t be the masterful work it is without their collaboration. Oh, and did I mention Saga’s Brian K. Vaughan is also writing this? Because there’s that.

Image Comics is pleased to announce that cartoonist Darwyn Cooke (Parker, DC: The New Frontier) will launch REVENGEANCE, his first fully creator-owned project, from Image Comics in June 2015.

REVENGEANCE is a psychological thriller with darkly humorous overtones. When Joe Malarky is faced with a criminal tragedy, he sets out to make things right on his own. What follows is Joe’s odyssey through the underside of the city and the madness that seems to drive his crazy world.

Why read this? Cooke has an art style that I can best describe as the best parts of Bruce Timm and Jack Kirby, timeless, simplistic, and bold. Cooke has used this style to illustrate Donald Westlake’s (aka Richard Stark) The Hunter and revitalize Alan Moore’s Minutemen characters for DC’s Before Watchmen series. I think after such impressive works, we can all say it’s about time he did something for Image.

Those are my top picks from the expo, is there something you really want to add to your list? Tell us about it!

(Images, links and summaries are courtesy of Image Comics)

PS- For your enjoyment, and education, I’ve found a lovely comic produced by Kieron Gillen (who also has a new Image title coming in 2015, Ludocrats) courtesy of Comics Alliance:








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