Spike’s 2012 VGA Winners & Losers

VGA 2012 LogoLast night Spike held the 10th annual Video Games Awards ceremony, hosted by the long time host Samuel L. Jackson. It was an exciting event, I was definitely pumped to see Sam Jackson do his thing and support my favorite games of the year. So to recap, who were the winners and losers for this prolific event? Oh and did I mention Spike pulled out yet another stop and proclaimed a game of the decade award? Yeah, that’s what I said.

First the lovable losers, the guys who came with their game faces and left with a bronze medal.

  • The other indy games opposed to Journey for best indy game of the year.

Really? Did those guys have a chance? I mean, Journey made history literally within 48 hours of the awards ceremony by being nominated for a Grammy for best soundtrack. I’d love to have seen a triple-a game top that, never mind another indy game.

  • All the other games nominated for the “Game of the Decade” award.

That’s 10 years of games. 10. Years. Lots of games, my brother and I were on the couch watching this in horror thinking, “That’s got so many awesome games it almost seems like an impossible call.”

Those were the losers, and now here’s the big cheese.

  • Valve

Game of the Decade went to Half Life 2. To my shame, I haven’t played the game myself but this claim made me a believer and it’ll be my next game purchase right alongside the next winner.

  • Journey

The fact that it won best indy game of the year is practically the icing on the cake for this game. A Grammy award nomination is a big win for it and the industry as a whole. For anyone who has enjoyed game soundtracks this is a huge win for you. Now when can we expect Hans Zimmer to do the soundtrack for a title?

  • Kojima

The Phantom Pain created a huge uproar among the fan base. Kotaku, IGN, and other notable commentators ate up the information frame by frame and broke down the connection between Moby Dick Studios, a previously unknown establishment, and Kojima. Could this be the next Metal Gear Solid installment? The moment we found the connection was the moment we got only more questions about what’s behind this incredibly beautiful game.

  • The Last of Us

Wow. That solo in-front of the Last of Us trailer was amazing. The trailer to follow was even more breath taking. You heard right, that’s Ellen Page voicing one of the main characters. It’s set to go live in May, and is arguably a leader for a Game of the Year award in 2013.

  • The Walking Dead

The hallowed Game of the Year award falls to Robert Kirkman’s runaway success, which has now successfully dominated at least 3 commercial mediums. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, “The Walking Dead has eaten the world.”


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