2012 in the Rear-View Mirror

Alexander Añé
Alexander Añé

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in on here with a personal note. There’s been a lot going on, on and off the clock, and I’ve just been worn out. 2012 has been a huge year, in many ways, and it’s not even over yet! I think back on it, trying to remember all the stuff, and somehow I almost let myself believe not much has happened. That’d be a lie. Lots of things happened and even I can’t believe how much when I finish up the final tallies.

So lets recap.

  • This year I took a big step into comics journalism. I got my work published in some of the biggest outlets on the web and rubbed elbows with some big names in the industry. I got attend SDCC as a member of the press. Though it wasn’t all it was cracked out to be and left me feeling pretty low afterward, it was still something I felt like I needed to learn. I am not entirely sure I am going to stick with it but that’s the thing about writing, can you ever really stop?
  • My job got more interesting. I work as a web developer for a state agency. My whole career here has been a fairy tale, honestly. It’s only gotten better, and subtly more interesting. I was originally hired about 2 years ago, as a temp undergrad position and now I work for more money and full-time. I manage 3 state websites, and actively take part in the direction of those entities. Nothing is perfect, obviously but looking back at what I’ve accomplished here I can say, perhaps for the first time, that I am glad to be doing this work.
  • Lots of things have been straining me, personally. My relationship with my father is sort of awkward. 3 years ago my mother passed away from cancer and nothing has been the same. He and I have both made our fair share of questionable decisions that haven’t really done much to support our relationship but it’s forced me to look at my notions of family and friendship in a serious perspective. I don’t really see an end in sight for this struggle, but I can be somewhat hopeful that things will be OK eventually. I don’t know how, but I am.
  • My brother will be graduating college from Florida State University. I am ever so proud of that boy. There are some days where I live entirely to make sure that boy makes it across that stage and does his mom proud. Living with him has been fun, getting to spend time with him and helping him out. Some days I am convinced he’s saved me more than I’ve saved him. In that way I am even more proud of him. Geoffrey, you’re a good man and you’ve done us all proud, I love you.
  • Relationships. Do I want to share that with you people? The cliff notes aren’t too awesome, took some big risks and took some big falls. It’s been kind of a let down, let’s be honest, but there’s always a bit of life left over to help get back on my feet. I have awesome friends, and they’ve been champions for me even when I wasn’t a champion for myself. Full disclosure? It’s difficult for me to honestly speak or think well of myself, it’s a hard and grinding task, but it happens.

So that’s more or less my 2012. A few things I might have left out, some names redacted. All in all 2012 was and is a good year for me, and I hope 2013 brings more of the same and better. Stay tuned!


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