Hawkeye #1 Review

Hawkeye 1Written by Matt Fraction

Pencilled & Inked by David Aja

Colored by Matt Hollingsworth

Lettered by Chris Eliopoulous

So who is Clint Barton?

Remember the Golden Age? When super heroes didn’t really fight super villains but made conscious efforts to helping the community and average persons with problems like gangs, corruption, and poverty? Clint made clear efforts to say that he was an Avenger, saving the planet from threats like the Skrulls, but that’s just his day job and that he finds more in being a hero closer to home.

The issue itself seems to be a nice self-contained story giving us a baseline of Clint’s character and what he stands for. Establishing this baseline potentially gives Fraction an excellent spring board when he does launch into a story line. With previews for Hawkeye #2 already available, featuring Marvel’s other Hawkeye aka the Young Avenger’s Kate Bishop, we might be looking for that story line as soon as next month.

David Aja’s work nails giving the book a grounded and human quality that illustrated that notion that Clint is just a regular guy who wanted to, “take care of [his] people,” and that the world he lived in was just as human.

The verdict? Buy it, and enjoy the ride. I think we’re going to see a great story that expands how we look at this character and after, “Marvel’s The Avengers,” I think there’s a demand among fans to learn more. As comic fans I think it’ll be good to see this side of Clint apart from being an Avenger.


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