The Road to SDCC: Trickster

Trickster LogoDuring last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I heard a lot of buzz over Trickster. From what I could tell, 2011 was it’s first year and it was apparently successful enough to warrant a second venture in the shadow of SDCC. Trickster seems to be the spot for a geniune learning experience about the comic book industry, aiming to be something closer to a colloquium for industry professionals and fans. Come see why this event is growing to become a staple when visiting San Diego Comic-Con!

Trickster can be seen as sort of a micro-sized convention, housed this year within WINE STEALS/PROPER, geared toward delivering a very close and personal atmosphere for both attendees and guests. Admission is free, but there are workshops and talks that can be attended for certain prices. Recently they have put together special one-on-one sessions through Indiegogo to help fund their convention, enlisting talent such as Jimmy Palmiotti and Jill Thompson, to help review work and give guidance to hopeful professionals.

Trickster’s mission statement,

The TR!CKSTER mission is one of positivity and sharing, in looking for the best way to showcase, promote, and share talent and ideas in the fields of comics, graphic arts and beyond.

Personally I am a fan of Trickster, and I believe they are very smart to organize this event during SDCC. It might seem counter intuitive to host anything in close promixity to SDCC but it also seems like an excellent chance to get big talent in striking distance to attend and host workshops. The fact that their location of choice is a rather comfortable looking bar and resturant seems like a wonderful change of pace from the sometimes grueling SDCC environment.


If it weren’t for the fact that SDCC was going on right next door I would be tempted to spend a lot of my weekend over here, but I can envision myself using this event as a good way to catch my breathe, have a nice drink between bouts, and learn something new about the medium I love so much. Stay tuned for more events and news about Trickster on their Tumblr and Twitter channels, and of course right here on The Traveling Añé!


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