The Road to SDCC: The Dark Knight Returns

San Diego Comic-Con International LogoSan Diego Comic-Con is known to have some big reveals and chance opportunities to get to see some of the latest and greatest of the industry. Last year we got the chance to see Batman: Year One months ahead of it’s DVD release and before that in 2010 we got to see Batman: Under the Red Hood. The animation division of DC loves to screen it’s big projects at SDCC. This year we’re set  for another Batman title from an even more legendary story: The Dark Knight Returns. Come see why you can’t pass up this show!

A few nights ago I got into my copy of Superman vs The Elite and after enjoying the film there was a behind the scenes look at The Dark Knight Returns. In it we get to see some of the voice talent, producers and directors talk about the source material and the development of the animated feature. It’s always nice to see Andrea Romano doing her thing and recruiting old favorites and new talent into the mix, making the DC’s animated universe so rich and continuous.

This time around we have famed Robocop and Buckaroo Banzai star Peter Weller joining the cast as the lead voice actor for Bruce Wayne/Batman. For those that don’t know, The Dark Knight Returns is set in Gotham’s distant future where Batman has gone into retirement and Bruce Wayne lives in a city overrun by corruption and crime. Events unfold when Batman is slowly, “reawakened,” from his seculsion to begin his work again fighting a new age of criminal and his old rivals.
TDKR Screen Cap
The film is set to be a part one of two; segmenting Frank Miller‘s original source material depicting Batman’s return to Gotham and then the final acts where Batman confronts the full reality of his return to crime fighting. The first part will be released in the Fall and the second part is supposed to be released sometime in 2013.  More details on the releases are sure to be revealed during the SDCC panel and or screening.

I would guess the screening would occur sometime Thursday or Friday evening of the convention, but since it’s for Dark Knight Returns on the eve of The Dark Knight Rises coming out in theaters it may garner more attention. While there will be no panel for The Dark Knight Rises , this screening will be sure to help us get our Batman fix till the big day. Stay tuned for details!


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