The Road to SDCC: Already Thinking of 2013

San Diego Comic-Con International LogoNo one ever really stops planning for San Diego Comic-Con. Before the third day of the event is over, attendees are already thinking of ways to get back and how to secure their ticket. It used to be, “easy” since all that needed to happen was wait in line and grab next year’s 4-day pass. 2011 changed that, and 2012 will have an even more profound change. Come see!

2011 was an iconic year for the pre-registration lines. Most of you have heard the stories about people waiting quite literally days during the convention to get to next year’s pass. I thought to myself that this sort of behavior was insane, “why would anyone waste their precious SDCC time for the vague promise of next year’s?” Nevermind that after you survived the line that wrapped the block they may have already run out of the pass you wanted. At that point I didn’t care if it was my last year, I was bound and determined to enjoy the year I had under my feet.

Now here’s the other shoe. The on-site registration has gone bananas, so what’s the natural recourse by CCI? Everyone has to go online for their 2013 pass. Historically speaking this sort of news would scare people senseless. Far and wide people would cringe at the memory of bad registration portals and spammed links. I will say though that 2012’s online pass registration was a relatively smooth process, save for a mistake with registration links being passed out to the public; frankly, that has less to do with the technology and more to do with some policy tweaks.

The draw back though is that we’ll have the same odds as everyone else, and I mean everyone else. Though SDCC does slowly scale up the number of tickets available and stagger how the tickets are distributed, it might be a smarter move to purchase for certain days over spamming the 4-day pass. I do think that while this transition is scary, I believe it will lead to a less stressful and ultimately more practical SDCC experience. We won’t end up having to sacrifice our convention time to be able to hope for next year.


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