The Road to SDCC: Hall H

San Diego Comic-Con International LogoHall H is the big house at San Diego Comic-Con. Legendary panels, questions, reveals, and even assaults have given that room a larger than life appeal. Last year we had Peter Jackson rush the stage on Steven Spielberg to culminate in one of the biggest moments in SDCC 2011. Every year attendees flock to line up and see what’s happening.  Come find out why this room has gotten everyone on the edge of their seats year after year!

The Amazing Spider-Man is coming out in a few weeks, but did you hear about the time Andrew Garfield showed up in costume to serve up the panel in Hall H? He really did floor everyone in the room, not just with the reveal but the awesome speech he made, it was a true SDCC moment.

What about that one time the Twilighters performed perfect siege warfare on Hall H days before the convention even started?EW: Twi-Hards at Comic-Con 2011

Maybe it’s not sinking in here… how about that one time someone got stabbed in the eye?

Comic Book Resources: Police Speak On Comic-Con Stabbing

It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye…

Tuesday afternoon Variety did a piece on what movies might be showing up to SDCC. For now it’s mostly strong-hunch work simply because stuff doesn’t really get finalized till it’s on the program listing; even then it might be subject to change at a moment’s notice. Take Glee, for example, earlier we heard this show was skipping out this year, but now it’s back on the radar.

According to Variety we can expect all sorts of interesting goodies with the exception of a few major players: Fox and Paramount. Though they do mention Fox’s TV division will be there in force. Then again, even after the programs are printed this show can still change-up. Personally? I am hoping Paramount pulls through for Star Trek 2. All year long we’ve played the, “Khan Or No Khan,” game show with Ricardo Montalbán as our host.

Although, I will add that I am on the edge of my seat with eager anticipation for the latest Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 news. We’ve glimpsed some Iron Man 3 photos and even had a small brush with Iron Patriot which turned out to be something else entirely; it fooled everyone, it’s crazy and it may fool us again yet depending on what will happens at SDCC. Man of Steel is an even bigger mystery, we know a few things but SDCC practically promises our first peek at real footage.

To see a list of the so-far announced panels, in and out of Hall H, I present the ever-growing list produced by the fine folks at When Nerds Attack.

I wonder how early the Twilighters will line up for Hall H this year…


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