Amanda Conner’s Silk Spectre: Thank you!

Amanda Conner's Silk SpectreI mentioned before that I got into this blog and comics journalism because of this video, Amanda Conner’s Silk Spectre. I shot that video about three months ago and, at the time I am writing this, has nearly hit nine thousand views and has been appearing on almost every comics news site I can think of. It even got mentioned on IMDB. I can’t relate to everybody out there how much I appreciate the support, the encouragement I’ve received, and all the wonderful friends I’ve made along the way. Here’s to the road ahead, thanks everybody!

The story thus far:

At MegaCon 2012, I made it my mission to get to Amanda Conner for a commission. On the second day of the convention I woke up at the crack of dawn to be able to rush the doors. I got there so early the parking attendants weren’t even there to charge a fee for parking.  I got sorted out and started waiting. A few hours later, the moment arrived. I asked her permission to record the commission and then the magic happened:

From there the video was like wild-fire. I posted it during the very early hours Tuesday morning, and when I awoke for work five hundred hits were there to greet me. When I turned the key to lock up my apartment, thousands of hits road with me to work. Turns out all sorts of people picked up my video and loved it.

After awhile I got a lot of demand for an artist’s point of view version of the video, and even that one seemed to start going around quickly.

To this day I am continuing to see the video spread further than I ever could have hoped for it. Seeing this video take off the way it has, knowing that I did it, helped inspire me to do what I have done today and I am ever so glad to have been given that gift. Thank you everybody and a big thank you to the fabulous Amanda Conner!


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