Comic Snippets: Batwoman Being Dynamic

Batwoman splash pageThe Batwoman title has always been very alluring to me. Not only are the characters and subject matter rich and intriguing, but the art and flow of the book as a whole is truly stunning. The full effect really comes out when read through a trade paperback, and the story just flows flawlessly. Elegy is a prime example for that kind of atmosphere. Greg Rucka’s run of the character during Detective Comics brought Batwoman to the center stage and introduced an unparalleled visual feast by J.H. Williams III. Come see why Batwoman is my most anticipated trade paper to come out for the New 52!

The beautiful thing about the art in the Batwoman books is that it ties every element on the page together in such wonderful harmony. That harmony allows for a very effective use of page space to convey a lot of information and action. The above splash page conveys an entire back-story from several issues neatly and without fuss in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

The style boils down to the use of a splash page, typically splash pages are just graphics displayed across two adjoining pages. For Williams, a splash is two pages linked together through symmetry, balance, and other graphics principles. Normally time in comics progresses by panel, on a Williams splash page time is guided through orientation on the pages. The above splash follows an upper left corner to lower right progression through the narrative. In many ways the use of such a use of graphic design principles and free form progression reminds of me Jim Steranko with his use of abstract design.

Being that Williams returned for the first hand full of issues for Batwoman in the New 52, I look forward to another sampling of this flavorful style in the upcoming Batwoman TPB.


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