Comic Snippets: Liberty Meadow’s Ralph & Leslie

Frank Cho knows how to draw a dynamic duo. Frank and Leslie are the first characters we get to meet in the Liberty Meadows universe and we get to see a lot of the story move through their characters. They sort of work like the C3PO and R2D2 characters of the narrative, in the background and never that imposing but always there and in some what influencing the surroundings. By that I mean, filling the reader with scenes of roaring laughter and hijinks. Come see why Ralph and Leslie are the glue that helps Liberty Meadows be that timeless Cho classic.

Liberty Meadows has a lot of things going for it. It’s got drama, comedy, even a psychotic cow and a crazed fish called Khan. Frank Cho created Liberty Meadows with it’s wonderful cast and awesome story that ran for nine years and it still has a persistent following. Along the way he created perhaps one of the most iconic women in modern comics. All those bricks make a strong house, but only if good mortar is applied and I think the substance provided by Ralph and Leslie is that mortar.

Right from the beginning they are established as key roles in the narrative when they are interviewed during the hundredth anniversary of Liberty Meadows. Most of the time R&L spend on panel provides comedic relief and even some parts to help move character development. The most important part of that is their ability to cleanse the palate from the drama. Sometimes that’s the most important part of any plot, like if Return of Jedi didn’t have Ewoks.

Sure there are so many other comedy devices in Liberty Meadows, but you really do need those characters to have that particular quality about them specifically designed for that propose. For that, we are all grateful. Thank you, Frank Cho!


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