Comic Snippets: Justice or Injustice?

Justice Injustice Remix
Alex Ross’s Superman from Justice and Superman from Injustice

Late last week Gamespot featured an announcement trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us as the latest DC video game. When watching it, I was excited for the idea of a new game but I couldn’t shake the thought of Justice by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. The game’s premise teased, “What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat?” Justice had the same sort of turnabout featuring villains attempting to save the world from a heroic blunder. No other details were revealed about the game but for me it doesn’t seem so farfetched to see Injustice as Justice. Come see!

So the concept behind Justice was that earth’s super villains united to form the Legion of Doom to prevent the Justice League of America from blundering to save the earth. The heroes were villains because the heroes failed, or at least that was what it seemed. It was revealed later that it was a ruse by Lex Luthor to destroy the heroes.

Chances are the video game will have the same sort of preamble to begin the plot. Plot is a scary word to throw at player vs player fighting games, but it would be a welcome feature in Injustice. There would be some event that casts the Justice League in a negative light to bring out the, “greatest threat,” promise. Then the game focuses on how the league overcomes that obstacle.

The fact that Justice includes so many famous DC characters can help solidify a character line up for Injustice within a reasonable plot fold. Being able to add new and exotic characters would be a solid bonus to Injustice that can give it an edge over previous games; like including the Metal Men or Teen Titans.

A few other closing notes on Injustice though. Pants, Wonder Woman? I am curious as to why the designers broke away from the New 52 style; especially since Batman, Superman and Flash are clearly sporting their new armored looks. I didn’t get a good look at Harley Quinn but it would appear she looks closer to the Arkham City costume… but that could be more of a good thing if the alternative is the New 52 costume.

For now though this is all purely speculation but I am eager to see more information about this game surfacing. Stay tuned!


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