Artists’ Spotlight: Jim Steranko

Jim SterankoIt’s so weird when you discover someone’s name in the industry and realize that you’ve been a fan nearly your whole life. I had that moment when I realized he had a hand in nearly every project I grew up with as a kid, comics and otherwise. Jim Steranko is a legend among the generation of artists and writers that helped create the Silver Age of comics and he continues today as an inspiration to fans and artists. Come find out why!

So I first heard the name Jim Steranko Summer of 2011 before San Diego Comic Con as I was scanning the names to see which items to get signed. I didn’t know who he was, so after a few searches and came up with a resume as thick a telephone book in film, literature, comics, graphic design, and publishing. Projects from concept art for Raiders of the Lost Ark to writing an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4I didn’t need to see his art or comics to be a huge fan of this guy but after looking closer at his star title, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, it became quickly obvious as to why Steranko is a corner-stone in comics history. The foundation of Steranko’s approach and style resides in graphic design principles, a bold departure from the styles of contemporary artists. He introduced psychedelic and abstract styles that set his work apart from paneled and margined works.

Uncanny X-Men #50 signed by Jim Steranko
Uncanny X-Men #50 signed by Jim Steranko

So when San Diego did come around I hadn’t yet found a good issue for Steranko to sign. Most of his work was older and quite sought after, so it was hard to come by. San Diego came and went but I saw he was on the lists for Dragon*Con. That fall at Dragon*Con I finally caught up with Steranko and asked him to sign my Uncanny X-men #50. I consider myself very fortunate to have met this man, and I look forward to the next time. Thank you, Jim Steranko!


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One thought on “Artists’ Spotlight: Jim Steranko”

  1. Steranko is amazing, nice post. I was introduced to the old Nick Fury’s back when I was a bit younger and thought they were shit, now I can appreciate it a bit more.

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