Saga: The Galaxy’s Guide to Parenting

Saga #1 Cover
Saga #1 Cover

Earlier this summer Saga stormed the center stage with an audience enthralled with stories like Game of Thrones and The Avengers. What makes Saga such a gem is that it has a plot and characters with depth that would rival those of other contemporary narratives. Written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, Saga has become my most anticipated book each month and probably will continue to be as long as the series continues. Want to know why keeps me reading?

Warning though and this is important, below contains some spoilers. Granted there are only three issues currently out but honestly every page of those issues is gold and I wouldn’t rob anybody of that first read experience. So from here on, you’ve been warned.

River Song Spoilers

The narrator is Hazel, and she’s introduced during her character’s birth in issue one. Immediately we’re told the events of Saga have already passed but we’re not told how far into the future Hazel is and the nature of her existence in that future. Hazel is an awesome narrator because she leaves all sorts of little bread crumbs and suggestions. She’s also a flawed narrator in the respect that she could not have known about certain events unless she gleamed information retrospectively. How she gets that information completely up in the air.

Hazel’s narration starts at her birth but the story began sometime before that with Alana and Marko. The character going “backward” to uncover those events is Prince Robot IV. It’s curious to watch his character and what sets him off. His emotional triggers cue us on what sorts of things he encountered or did during his war-time and how he might fit into the story. His job is to investigate Alana’s defection from her side of the war to break out a POW, Marko.

There’s another character or I should say faction: the bounty hunters. Currently we have only two, but we’re told in issue one there are more and probably on the way. The Stalk and The Will are of a certain league of “The” themed bounty hunters. Their role is to expand what we see in the Saga universe and show us the grimy in-between. The universe itself is gorgeous thanks to the talent of Fiona Staples. Each page colors something new and fresh about each world featured; from the mysterious forests of Cleave to the decadent cities in Landfall.

I really am a fan of this book, it delivers a fresh new story that promises a grand scope with all the trappings and I hope to see more of the same in the future.


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