ECCC: “One of the last great comic conventions out there.”

ECCC Banner I got a chance to catch up to Matt Fraction at his table during Emerald City Comicon and asked him about his thoughts on Emerald City Comicon. He simply replied that Emerald City is, “One of the last great comic conventions out there.” After spending the weekend in Seattle, taking in the city and the convention, I feel that no truer statement can be formed.

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As of this year, Seattle’s own Emerald City Comicon celebrates it’s 10th anniversary by showering attendees with numerous convention exclusives and much honored guests. This year would be my first in attendance and having already heard so much about this convention I was very excited to finally be a part of it. Being in the far West, the guests would be relatively hard to find in my area in the East. I would be meeting talented writers and artists such as Matt Fraction, Scott Kurtz, Ed Brubaker, Francesco Francavilla, and Kurt Busiek for the first time.

There is a particular exclusive found at this convention that singles itself out as perhaps the most unique and treasured  I’ve ever encountered, Monsters & Dames Art Book:

Since its inception in 2009, our Monsters & Dames art books and art auctions have raised over $20,000.00 for Seattle Children’s Hospital, a premier child health care & pediatric center, recognized as one of the leading hospitals for children.

ECCC 2012 Monsters and Dames Artbook
ECCC 2012 Monsters and Dames Artbook

A sort of tradition at ECCC is to have your Monsters and Dames book signed by all the contributing artists, with give or take 80 artists in total this is a massive undertaking but ever so much fun to meet them all. There were only 1150 copies made of this year’s book, and at 30 USD this item is an auto-buy at every ECCC.

The best part about meeting the artists and writers at this convention is the liberty to truly converse with them and perhaps bring back your own personal souvenir. This year Greg Capullo attended, during which he celebrated his birthday, to greet friends and fans alike. Greg is known famously to be one of the most gracious talents to meet, and has always presented himself with a smile and hearty handshake. Upon request, he provided me with these:

Capullo's Batman Doodle
Capullo’s Batman Doodle
Capullo's ECCC Scarecrow Print
Capullo’s ECCC Scarecrow Print
Greg’s was one of nearly a dozen doodles I received from various artists such as Moritat and Brian Buccellato. This is also a good opportunity to kick things up a notch and receive commission work from the artists:

Tim Sale’s Black Widow

If your dream is to get down close and candid with your favorite artist and writers then I can scarcely name a better place than Emerald City Comicon. This picture here says it all, Robert Kirkman talking with Matt Fraction and while addressing a fan. Where else can you find this?

Robert Kirkman and Matt Fraction
Robert Kirkman and Matt Fraction

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