Con News: Emerald City Comicon 2012!

Emerald City Comicon
Emerald City Comicon Logo

I am currently gearing up for my first trip to The Windy City, to attend the much-loved Emerald City Comicon. Before going to a convention, especially a new city and/or convention, I do a bit of preparation work.

About a week before attending, I research the usual things most travelers should before leaving: weather, location, good places to eat, what to do when not going to the convention, etc. I usually report these findings post-con in a Locations article to help out future con-goers.

Then there’s a very specific line of research I do for each convention and that could start-up to months before-hand. I scan the guests section to see what books I can get signed and what items I should bring or acquire. This year has quite a few high interest guests:

  • Matt Fraction – The top-notch writer behind the legendary The Invincible Iron Man.
  • Robert Kirkman – The mastermind writing The Walking Dead and Invincible, now a partner in the leading creator-owned comics publication in the industry.
  • Greg Capullo – Long standing artist behind Spawn and now lending his pencils to the Scott Synder’s Batman.
  • Ed Brubaker – The writer reinventing the crime noir genre in comics with Fatale and the famous Criminal series.
  • Kevin Conroy – The voice of Batman across the board for nearly 20 years.
  • Bruce Timm – The talent that brought Batman, The Justice League and many other characters to our televisions and beyond.
  • Terry & Rachel Dodson – A dynamic duo of the artists’ community famous for their pencil and ink work.

This will also be my first chance to see Scott Kurtz; the artist behind my favorite web-comic series, PvP. Another treat is the appearance of The Walking Dead TV show’s Shane, Jon Bernthal.

Stay tuned for more news and events as they come!


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