News: Digital Divide: Boyle v. Waid

This is something of a hot issue, especially for me being a patron of Coliseum of Comics and being a fan of Mark Waid. Recently the owner of Coliseum of Comics, Phil Boyle, has written for Bleeding Cool and made his opinions quite clear about Mark Waid’s announcements at Wonder Con to fund his digital publication with the proceeds of his print titles. The results were… well, for lack of better words, alarming.

Here I am going to stop this at a head and put of a disclaimer. This is Bleeding Cool and, while I do very much so respect their publication for having no less than the bleeding edge of information, I do hold their opinions and rumors with a grain of salt. They do report that Phil himself wrote this article, but in calling Coliseum of Comics and talking with an employee about the issue he claimed no intention or knowledge of any such banning of Waid’s comics.

Other owners have also thrown their opinions onto Boyle’s and some have supported Waid’s. It does seem very clear though, reading all the responses and articles, that these words are all just reaction and I can’t see how either side seems very sincere about the harsh words or intentions.


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