Spike’s 2012 VGA Winners & Losers

8 Dec

VGA 2012 LogoLast night Spike held the 10th annual Video Games Awards ceremony, hosted by the long time host Samuel L. Jackson. It was an exciting event, I was definitely pumped to see Sam Jackson do his thing and support my favorite games of the year. So to recap, who were the winners and losers for this prolific event? Oh and did I mention Spike pulled out yet another stop and proclaimed a game of the decade award? Yeah, that’s what I said. Continue reading

Hawkeye #5 Review

5 Dec
Hawkeye #5 Cover Art

Hawkeye #5 Cover

Hawkeye has been a great book straight from issue one and this issue closes its two-part arc, “The Tape.” To recap, the tape is a hot piece of evidence connecting S.H.E.I.L.D., Clint, the Avengers, and the U.S. Government to a conspiracy and political assassination. If the tape falls into the wrong hands, everything goes out the window. Good thing it’s up for bidding to King Pin, Madame Mask, and Hydra, right? Enter Clint Barton and Kate Bishop a.k.a. Hawkeye and Hawkeye. Continue reading

2012 in the Rear-View Mirror

14 Nov
Alexander Añé

Alexander Añé

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in on here with a personal note. There’s been a lot going on, on and off the clock, and I’ve just been worn out. 2012 has been a huge year, in many ways, and it’s not even over yet! I think back on it, trying to remember all the stuff, and somehow I almost let myself believe not much has happened. That’d be a lie. Lots of things happened and even I can’t believe how much when I finish up the final tallies.

So lets recap. Continue reading

Harley Quinn — Will She Be the Death of the Family?

18 Oct

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Death of the Family Cover

While I’ve been traveling this week, I’ve had a number of great guest posts. Today I have one by Alexander Añé of Talking Comics about the upcoming first meeting of the Joker and Harley Quinn since the start of the new 52. He examines what her role might be in the Death of the Family arc as well as what effect the changes to the character in the reboot may have on the relationship. His thoughts follow.

As seen on DC Women Kicking Ass Continue reading

Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Greg Capullo Interview

14 Sep

Greg CapulloDuring the closing moments of Baltimore Comic-Con I had the pleasure of getting a few minutes to talk with Greg Capullo, the artist behind the most recent and wildly successful run of Batman. After a long line of signing, perhaps even longer than Stan Lee’s line some speculate, Greg’s enthusiasm didn’t falter as he spoke with me about his life as an artist and his latest project with Scott Snyder, Death of the Family.

As seen on Talking Comics! Continue reading

Interview: Mark Waid on Daredevil, Hulk, Insufferable, and Rocketeer

13 Sep

Daredevil cover 16Beat reporter Alexander Añé caught up with Mark Waid at the Baltimore ComicCon and asked him about his current work, from Daredevil, which has been hoovering up every comics award in town, to Insufferable, Waid’s webcomic currently running on Thrillbent.

As seen on The Beat Continue reading

Invincible: The Road So Far

21 Aug

Invincible: The Death of... InvincibleSome people might be surprised to learn Robert Kirkman released 2 books in 2003. One has eaten the planet’s media in proper zombie fashion and the other, is Invincible. Hold on though, wouldn’t that mean Invincible is also due for its own 100th issue soon? In Janurary 2013, baring no delays or other zombie related disasters, Invincible #100 hits stands! Come find out about the story thus far and how this is the Robert Kirkman book you might’ve been missing out on all along!

As seen on Talking Comics!
Continue reading


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